Vs. – The 2 letter secret to quick & effective product comparison using Google.

When researching products and services, especially in areas outside your expertise, it can be tough just discovering¬†what your choices are. You can use the power of Google’s search term suggestion to quickly generate a list of competitors products using just two lil’ letters — vs. Example: I’m using Zapier for a Twitter experiment. It’s a […]

=IFERROR() is your friend

If you don’t want that #DIV/0 error in Google Docs, wrap your equation in =IFERROR() like so: Done & done. Bonus Tip I: Selecting the whole column and hitting CTRL+D or APPLE+D will apply that formula all the way down the column (or as far as your selection).  


Google’s auto-suggest functionality has completed changed the way I search now. I no longer even attempt to beat the browser with my search term, but rather just type the first few characters and instinctively pause and wait for the ¬†cloud to figure out what I meant. One of my favorite uses of this feature is […]