Jing is freaking awesome.

Jing is like Dropbox or water in so far as once you have used it and become accustomed to having it in your life, the thought of NOT having it seems tragic and painful. It’s tool that allows you capture screenshots (with markup) or full video, in any size and then instantly and effortlessly share […]

Pat Hanlin’s one-shot, one-take masterpiece.

I know this video doesn’t really have anything to do with this site but I don’t care because it’s Friday and it’s amazing. You gotta check it out. It was all done in one shot with one take. Catchy song, too! Filmed at Foundry24 by Strewnshank Studios.

King of the Juice – Test Juice

So some friends and I are having a juice competition. As it stands, it’s going to be a ‘who can only drink juice for the longest time’, but it might be ‘who can lose the most weight’ or ‘who can lose the most body fat percentage’. Either way, Im going to be drinking a lot […]