How to change the new Twitter heart to whatever emoji you want.

It seems like everyone hates the new Twitter heart, so here’s how to use any emoji you want. First install the Stylish extension for Chrome or Firefox Stylish for Chrome Stylish for Firefox Stylish for Opera (really? still?) Go to the Emojipedia and the find the emoji of your choice, for example, the ‘pile-of-poo’ (💩), and highlight the […]

Vs. – The 2 letter secret to quick & effective product comparison using Google.

When researching products and services, especially in areas outside your expertise, it can be tough just discovering what your choices are. You can use the power of Google’s search term suggestion to quickly generate a list of competitors products using just two lil’ letters — vs. Example: I’m using Zapier for a Twitter experiment. It’s a […]

How to fix the Power Button in OS X Mavericks

With the release of Apple’s 10.9 Mavericks, they ‘updated’ the power button functionality across all their PCs such that any time you tap the power button on the upper right of the keyboard, the computer instantly, with out any warning whatsoever, goes to sleep. This is extra annoying since the key is 5mm from the […]

How to make “Giorgio by Moroder” from Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories instantly better.

I think that “Giogio by Moroder (featuring  Giorgio Moroder)” is maybe the best song on the album. Great beat and great tempo, but the long-winded spoken word intro really should have been a separate track. This is a pretty handy feature in iTunes. I wish there was a split-track function, like how they have the […]

Never forget a password again. A simple way to recall secure, unique passwords without remembering.

  Here’s a tip for coming up with determinable, secure*, and unique passwords for any website without wasting any really brainpower. I’ve been using this method for years and it allows to be able to recall hundreds of unique passwords without writing down a single one. Step 1: Pick a base ‘word’. This can been […]

How to stick to your calendar

I tend to suck at things like “knowing where I’m supposed to be at a given time on a given day” and “making plans” because I never know wtf my schedule looks like. It turns of my philosophy of “just tell me the day before, i’ll be there” is really annoying to friends and family. […]

Dynamic Sitemaps on Heroku with Rails 3

I needed to add a sitemap for a project that was hosted on Heroku, which I was hoping to be as simple as gem install [some sitemap gem] as it seems to be with 90% of rails development. Such is not the case, however. Difficulty? Heroku doesn’t let you write to their filesystem, outside of […]

17 Dimes, 21 Nickels, and No Decisions

I think there’s only a limited number of decisions that any human can make in a given day before nature takes over, your brain drops in to survival mode and priorities, goals, dreams, and all that other important stuff goes out the window. Are you more likely to cheat on your diet in the morning […]

Jing is freaking awesome.

Jing is like Dropbox or water in so far as once you have used it and become accustomed to having it in your life, the thought of NOT having it seems tragic and painful. It’s tool that allows you capture screenshots (with markup) or full video, in any size and then instantly and effortlessly share […]

Adventures in gaining new Twitter followers, pt. 1 – The New User

One of the things necessary to establish passive income is to have an audience of some kind. I created a few new Twitter accounts along with this website. One to use for realsies (@glwngrctngls), and a couple for testing some theories. Here’s some tricks I learned from playing around with my test accounts… 1. Find […]