How to change the new Twitter heart to whatever emoji you want.


It seems like everyone hates the new Twitter heart, so here’s how to use any emoji you want.

  1. First install the Stylish extension for Chrome or Firefox
  2. Go to the Emojipedia and the find the emoji of your choice, for example, the ‘pile-of-poo’ (💩), and highlight the emoji like text and copy it (CMD+C or CTRL+C or Edit > Copy if you’re a total luddite)
  3. Then go to and click the Stylish icon in the top right. It looks like this: stylish-logo and select “write style for”
  4. Once there, type this in to the editor:
    .HeartAnimationContainer {
    visibility: hidden;
    overflow: visible;
    .HeartAnimationContainer:after {
    content: "💩";
    visibility: visible;
    display: block;
    position: absolute;

    except use whatever emoji you want.

  5. Ta-dah… that heart be damned…

As always, keep it one-hunnit.


All tweets taken from my Twitter list “Only tweets funny stuff” which I maintain and love and adore. You should check it out.

(h/t @avestal)


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