How to stick to your calendar


I tend to suck at things like “knowing where I’m supposed to be at a given time on a given day” and “making plans” because I never know wtf my schedule looks like. It turns of my philosophy of “just tell me the day before, i’ll be there” is really annoying to friends and family.

I’ve always wanted to have a calendar that has all of my appointments and events listed neatly, in organized lil’ categories that related to different parts of my life. I’ve never been able to stick to it. Every so often I’d get motivated, blow an afternoon trying to synch all my Google accounts and their calendars together and I’d finally get is just so. Here we go Day 1, first day of the rest of my life, blah blah blah…

And a week later it’s been 4 days since I put a single event in there, I’m just as confused as I was before. I have verified that personally, this system just does not work for me. I decided to experiment and analyze. What was the reason I didn’t stick to adding things to my calendar? I tried having my VA do it for me, but the time difference didn’t make that too effective. I tried having NO calendar. Just literally I wouldn’t plan anything…until I had to plan something. forgot about it, and then looked like an ass. I think I found a solution though:

Actively do NOT remember your obligations.

That’s it. I waste zero mental capital on remembering when I have places to be. You can only hold so much in your head at once. Don’t waste that space and effort something so easy to write down and refer to later. It forces me to look in my calendar. I’m helpless without it now. When’s my next phone call? ::shrug:: it’s on my calendar, which thanks to a widget on the home screen of my Galaxy S3, it pretty much always within arms reach.

But wait…

Here’s the part where people say “that’s great, but what about when you can’t access your calendar?” to which I reply, “I dunno..hasn’t happened yet. It’s a┬ápossibility┬ásure, but the thing that makes me not have access to the calendar is probably going to be a big enough thing that I don’t really care about what was on it in the first place.” E.g. Asteroid destroys earth, I’m stuck in the sahara desert, etc.

Additionally, this is just an experiment that is still in progress. Everything is going well SO FAR. It might totally cost me in the future, but then I’ll at least get a good blog post out of it.

If you think this is brilliant or that I am an idiot, let me know.

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