Jing is freaking awesome.

Jing is like Dropbox or water in so far as once you have used it and become accustomed to having it in your life, the thought of NOT having it seems tragic and painful.

It’s tool that allows you capture screenshots (with markup) or full video, in any size and then instantly and effortlessly share it with whomever. It’s so simple and obvious once you use it.

I made a screen capture, rather ironically, with QuickTime showing how I use it.

Outsourcing is a huge part of my dream for Passive Automated Renewable Diversified Income and this is my number 1 tool for communicating with my employees. They use it on their end as well to communicate with me.

Yes, it’s like camtasia, except it’s way simpler and free.

Also, I’m not getting paid to write this in any way (unfortunately). This is just some awesome tool I found and I’m trying to spread the word. I tend to complain a lot about crappy things, and this is a way to balance the universe again.

What tools do you use that you couldn’t live with out, yet no one else seems to know about? Let me know in the comments.

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